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Add a little sparkle to your daily ice routine!​

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"A champion is a dreamer that never gives up!"

My journey in figure skating has been blessed with many achievements, in spite of failures and roadblocks. Having faith in times of adversity taught me to let go and trust the mystery of what is next to come. This faith opened my heart to recognize how truly strong I am.

I created this bag to remind you, that you too have the power, strength, and fight to pursue your wildest dreams. Each time you step out onto that beautiful sheet of ice, remember, it is your moment to amaze yourself and never give up!

3X U.S. 


2015, 2018, 2019​



Team Event


First and only American team to compete a quad twist!

Featured Skaters

Iris Alani Huang

Savannah​ Allyn-Horton

"I've always dreamed of having a bag to take on the ice like the older girls!

Cherry Ji

"Having stepped away from the sport of figure skating for 10 years, I decided to get back on the ice after watching Alexa and Chris's performances at the 2018 Olympics and being inspired by their faith and fortitude in the face of extraordinary challenges. I couldn't be more honored and blessed to have Alexa as my coach as I rediscovered my passion for skating. Every time I take Alexa's bag with me to practice, I strive to emulate her work ethic expressed on the side of this bag and I'm reminded of how privileged I am to be able to skate under the tutelage of the most nurturing, articulate, and inspiring mentor. Thank you Alexa for everything!!"

Ella Kanas

"My journey as a pairs skater is just getting started and the quote on Alexa's bag resembles this. Alexa has inspired me to always believe in the process, to stay strong, keep my head held high, and continue to be the best skater I can be. Everyday when I step onto the ice I carry Alexa's bag, and reading the quote on the side brings a smile to my face. I love my bag and Alexa."

Chris Knierim

"This bag is great for all of my tools! It looks great with my bike as well. 

I am a proud husband!​"